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About Us

As a junior showjumper, Chynna had wonderful experiences and career highlights with three Off The Track Thoroughbreds who carried her through and looked after her for numerous show seasons, competitions and events. All three of these geldings, Cairrick, Chester and Bj, had been saved from the knackery. These horses became the loves of her and her mum Cheryl’s lives and it was so incredibly difficult to comprehend they may not have even been alive if someone hadn’t saved them. 

The dream started then.

Following a career as a jockey, Chynna became more and more aware about the desperate need for a place for these horses following their retirement. 

Recycled Racehorses was then created as a place for Thoroughbreds to have a chance at a new future and life in other disciplines. A chance to change people’s lives as these 3 geldings had changed Chynna’s.

So many livelihoods and careers are built from these horses who try their hearts out in every race. We hope to change the perception of the Thoroughbred as they are the most honest, intelligent breed and have so much more to offer following retirement.

The Boys Who Started It All

Meet The Team

We are a charity running entirely due to our volunteers and donations from our sponsors and supporters. 

Our board of directors are extremely committed to our horses and the values by which Recycled Racehorses was originally founded.



As the founder of Recycled Racehorses, Chynna has devoted much of her life to helping these amazing horses find a future after racing. Chynna is the leading rider of the stable, breaker and coach to all clients. Chynna as stepped down from the board of directors and is now one of our main volunteers continuing to support all aspects of Recycled Racehorses.

Chynna has been riding all her life and enjoyed many successes in a wide range of disciplines. She was extremely lucky to be coached by the best which helped build a strong foundation for her career. Chynna is currently showing, show jumping and eventing with all OTT Thoroughbreds. Chynna was also an apprentice jockey and was fortunate enough to ride some great horses, helping to build a strong career, before she was involved in a life changing race fall which saw her lucky to even be alive but meant the end of her career and a new challenge in facing life now with epilepsy and brain damage. 

Chynna now works as a presenter on Sky Thoroughbred Central and in constant contact with trainers and owners needing to find their horses new homes.



As Chynna's mum, Cheryl has been heavily involved in horses for over 20 years. Prior to Chynna, Cheryl enjoyed her own successes as a rider.

Cheryl now has some of the Recycled Racehorses in Griffith and looks after them extremely well, ensuring everyone in huge! 

Cheryl will eventually make the move to Canberra and help Recycled Racehorses full time. Cheryl has been founder of numerous dog and animal rescue groups over the years and still rescues and fosters numerous dogs and cats.



Our number #1 team member. Lily is the biggest help to us in all areas. A rider who is getting better and more confident with ever ride and continues to amaze us with her work ethic and dedication. Lily is a member of our Show Jumping competition team.


Charlotte is a wonderful attribute to the Recycled Racehorses team. Charlotte helps with all aspects of the stable management as well as building her riding skills to now be working horses and competing in showjumping. 


Daryl is a well respected and highly regarded horse photographer. Daryl made the move from Sydney to Canberra a year ago and is now a constant figure at Recycled Racehorses taking candid pics, behind the scenes images, and is number 1 in the treat providing category!




Bec and Chynna have been friend for many years. Bec is an extremely successful business woman, running Mesmereyes and RMG photography, and helps with all the crazy ideas and dreams. Bec is responsible for logo designs and our calendar as well as being a wonderful friend and a voice of reason when things get carried away!




Kim has been helping us as a volunteer for quite a while now and we would be lost without her! Kim assists in all aspects of our daily works, comes on many road trips and bakes the best goodies!



Jordan came to Chynna a couple of years ago for riding lessons and hasn't left! At the age of 14, Jordan is one of our riders during school holidays, weekends and at competitions. Jordan is a lovely, capable rider and is looking towards show jumping as her main discipline though is not out of place at all in the hack ring.



Haylee became involved with Recycled Racehorses after riding Mortarman a few years ago. Since then Haylee's riding has improved dramatically with her turning into a very confident and strong rider. Haylee is one of our riders on weekends and at show jumping competitions.



Josie and Chynna met a few years ago when Josie purchased her horse Mitch. Since then Josie has been heavily involved in Recycled Racehorses help to work the horses through school holidays and being our head groom at most competitions.