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Why we love our old Tb's...

Chynna Marston

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They’ve been around, seen the world.. and this is why they can be the best match for anyone. 


So many times we have people who contact us wanting their next project or their next best friend. And for the most part the first stipulation is they want something young. Something that hasn’t had many starts. 

And i find this so hard to take. I appreciate so much the concerns that come but also there are so many good things that can come from the older horses. 

They have been out and about. They have been around. They have been handled so much, but ultimately they have stood up to the racing. They can’t stand up to that ongoing racing without being oh so tough. And they also will be somewhat easy enough to handle. They wouldn’t stay around if they weren’t. 

Whilst yes, they may have had it tougher than most, they may be a little older to start their new career, this doesn’t mean they cant be the most perfect mount. 

I love the attitude of the older horses. The ‘nothing can phase me’ attitude that only comes with years of being carted around to numerous racecourses in the middle nowhere. 

We tend to overlook the patience they need to process at the races to wait all day after running their hearts out or waiting for the opportunity to. We overlook the constant riding and handling from all different people, trackwork riders and jockeys. The thousands of float trips and miles covered. And the strength they have to portray in order to stand up to all this. 

I always have people who ask about the ones who have had more starts. Are they crazier, have a ‘race brain’ and want to go constantly? 

No. They are generally so much more relaxed, so much more chilled.. And so happy to enjoy the quieter things. But they are also more balanced, stronger. And have the expose that money cannot buy. 

I love my old boys and gals, they definitely deserve a chance.


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