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Why we feed CEN Products... And why we wouldn't feed anything else!

Chynna Marston

CEN (Complete Equine Nutrition) is 100% Australian owned and based on the simple principle of  "Nature Knows Best".
The CEN product range is developed with a thorough understanding of physiology, function and what best compliments a horse's body system.
We encourage horse owners to make roughage the centre point of their horse's diet to promote proper digestive function.
Your horse's stomach is continuously producing acid and in nature, your horse has two protective ways to maintain stomach health and lower the risk of ulcers.
1) Continuous intake of forage (we encourage low sugar/low starch grassy hay to be made available at all times). This keeps the stomach more full and limits the risk of acidic splashes to the non-protective stomach layer.
2) Continuous intake of forage, enables the production and swallowing of saliva, which acts as a natural buffer and helps neutralise the acid environment.
A horse fed from the ground produces up to 30% more saliva as opposed to a high up hanging hay net. They are designed to eat with their head down (less strain on the skeletal system and soft tissue), it enables nasal passages to drain effectively for better respiratory health. Also limiting the incidence for choke.
When feeding a hay reliant diet as opposed to fresh pasture, Omega 3 is a key element that is commonly deficient.
CEN Oil is our most popular product which replicates the Omega profile of fresh pasture (High Omega 3) and provides horses with anti-inflammatory properties and non-heating calories for weight gain/maintenance. 
CEN Oil provides the missing piece of the diet puzzle and also helps the horse's body absorb key Vitamins A,D,E and K due to their fat solubility.
The entire CEN product range is safe for horses with metabolic issues and promotes better overall health. By feeding to the horse's natural physiology on a daily basis, we aim to limit the need for vet medication, as we believe nutrition is absolutely fundamental to horse health and an integral aspect of their well-being and performance.
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CEN - Complete Equine Nutrition 

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