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Pump It Up!!

Chynna Marston

The early mornings, late nights, dirt absolutely everywhere, smelling of god knows what… How we sooo love those days. And the downs, the falls, the bruises, the questions of why are we doing this.. But everything can be made so much better by listening to the good ol’ pump up music! Those songs to get us going, to get the motivation, the inspiration or the excitement to take on the dreaded 80cm rounds! 

So here are my all time favourite pump up songs in my playlist..


We Are The Champions - Queen:

I you have not seen the movie, you have to!! Bohemian Rhapsody is honestly one of the best movies possibly ever. Freddie Mercury is just brilliant and for extra motivation you need to see the Live Aid concert.. Link attached.. 16 minutes in. (You can thank me later!) And what is even better then having my second pump up song ‘We Will Rock You’ leading in! This song itself is amazing but the footage makes it so much better.. and the lyrics.. ‘We are the champions, my friends, and we'll keep on fighting 'til the end. We are the champions. No time for losers 'Cause we are the champions.’

They were so ground breaking of the time and took on the world.. Cant half tell I adore Queen!




We Will Rock You - Again Queen


With the best beat ever to get you and everyone else going. You can’t not be motivated and inspired when the beat starts and gets that the blood pumping. 


Started From The Botton - Drake


Something a bit newer but still as motivational. Most of us start right down there. Some do get a little bit of a leg up whilst others (me here) have had to do the whole’ try to swing on and fall on my backside 101 times’. But regardless we have all started at the beginning of our dream and hard work helps us to get that little bit closer with every day. Drake reminds us all that we can get there.. The biggest challenge of this song is trying to get the chorus sung the right way round..*insert face palm*


Warrior - Havana Brown


You can all see why this is a pump up favourite. The whole song has us all believing we are a soldier/ tiger/ snake and everything in between. Love this song until the annoying last techno thing which is where we just start the song again!

A win win situation right there.


Diamonds - Rihanna


‘Shine bright like a diamond’.. Sums it all up there.


Hall Of Fame - The Script (This really needs a promotion)


*As above*.. Seriously though, this song is so amazing. Every single word is too inspire you to be brave and take the chance that comes. You can be anyone or anything you want to be!


 Soldier & Lose Yourself - Eminem 


Anyone who has spent any time with me knows that I consider myself a rapper. What this actually means is I can talk really really fast and my current braces make me feel like have grills. Gangsta much?!

Lose yourself is one of the all time greats.. ‘The opportunities come once in life time.’ Literally.. Every second of the day is a chance to get closer and closer to your dreams. Meeting someone, riding somewhere, changing something. Im a big believer that everything happens for a reason, even meeting someone is for a reason. Don’t let those chances slip by..

Now Soldier is quite literally saying to the word that you won’t fall at the hurdles in life. We all have them but we don’t let them break us or define us..

’I’m a soldier, these shoulders hold up so much. They won't budge. I’ll never fall or fold up. I’m a soldier, even if my collar bones crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble’

Toughen up and bring it on!


The Greatest - Sia


If I had the voice of Sia I would never speak again, I would literally just sing everything. She is incredible, as is this song. 

THE WHOLE SONG. Need I say more.


If You Could See Me Now - The Script


The Script gets an extra start here. This song is just so lovely. Whilst it does refer the passing of a parent, I just love how he wants to make his dad proud. Be someone you are proud to be.


Fighter - Christina Aguilera


The best chance you will have to test your vocal range. Or lack thereof. And the best song to get you motivated to rise above the haters, the doubters or anyone else who dare to question your capabilities. 


One Headlight - The Wallflowers


One last step back in time to the rocking nineties with this amazing song. Definitely a favourite. Not so much a head banging, foot stomping pump up but more about being brave to try something for the love of it. The singer explains it like this: 

"I tend to write with a lot of metaphors and images, so people take them literally. The song's meaning is all in the first verse. It's about the death of ideas. The first verse says, 'The death of the long broken arm of human law.'  At times, it seems like there should be a code among human beings that is about respect and appreciation. I wasn't feeling like there was much support outside the group putting together the record. In the chorus, it says, 'C'mon try a little.' I didn't need everything to get through, I could still get through - meaning 'one headlight."

I just love this verse: ‘Hey, come on try a little 

Nothing is forever 

There's got to be something better than 

In the middle.’


There are just so many other songs to inspire and motivate that I haven’t even mentioned. Have a listen, take a chance.. and let me know what you songs are to get you going!


Chynna x

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