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Country Classics

You have all heard about Living Legends, the fantastic initiative showcasing the equine celebrities of horse racing and their lives away from the track.These Living Legends, for the most part, had the best of care and facilities which reflected in the performances on the track.

But what about 95% of other horses racing who never quite reach these heights? These horses have all achieved milestones or goals in their own right and have given excitement, shock and love to those around them on the smaller scale. 

These horses deserve the same respect as the Living Legends despite not being fast enough or having the same opportunities, they still tried their hardest.. 

Introducing Country Classics…

These are the recognised horses from the Country racing scene or the horses that have their own stories. Ranging from the horses having over 100 starts, the horses who retire at 11 or maybe the 50 start maiden.

 Come out and meet these horses, hear about their stories, cuddle and give them their favourite treats. This is perfect way to spend a weekend,  checking out the future opportunities for racehorses then stopping in at the local pub for the perfect old fashion ‘counter lunch.’

Bookings are essential to ensure we can give you the time to meet everyone. Please contact for any more information.

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